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Visitation Room

This is our visitation room. This room is used roughly 70 hours each month for parent, sibling, and family visits. Inside the room we have toys for all ages, a couch, a TV, a table and chairs, and even a fridge and microwave! This allows parents, or grandparents, to do normal daily activities with thier children such as: watch a movie, play a game, do school work with the child, or even eat a meal together.

We are also able to host court supervised custody visits for a fee of $20/hr. We take great pride in our visitation room. We are one of the only CASA organization in the State of Illinois, and the only in Southern Illinois, that is fortunate enough to have one of these visitation rooms. As an organization we are always brainstorming and looking for ways to improve this room and make it as family friendly as possible.